Welcome to the descendants of Zarifeh Web Site

This site is a work in progress…

Most of the data has been provided by Edgar Tewfik Zarifeh, who is doing a magnificent job of collecting and organizing it. Without him this project could not have existed. Thank you Edgar!

You will find here a short history of the name as well as the genealogy (as accurate as the data we have).

It is thought that all the Zarifas are relatives given the origin of the name. Every Zarifa I met tells the same story of a nice lady having three sons…

I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, and schooled at the College St-Marc, my mother tongue is French but I am fully bilingual. I chose to use the French spelling for the names ex: Samir instead of Sameer, Khalil instead of Khaleel.

The data is built on the GEDCOM standard created by the Mormons and very widely used in genealogy. PhpGedView is used to display the genealogy on the web, I invite you to login and explore.

For obvious security reasons the birth dates of living persons will not appear on the net.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome; I have included a form for your convenience.

Enjoy the site.

Nabil Youssef Hilarion Zariffa


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